Gently freeze away fat without surgery.


Quick, effective anti-wrinkle treatment. 


Smooth and relax wrinkles in one visit. 

Laser Rejuvenation

Smooth and even skin tone with no down time. 

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Welcome to SmoothMED

Botox in NYC

Thank you for visiting the SmoothMED website. The SmoothMED concept is to provide the fastest and most efficient Botox NYC can offer. With us, you’ll obtain expert Botox treatments and/or injectable facial fillers in a safe medical setting in 30 minutes or less. No appointments needed! We are the new Gold-standard in the administration of Botox® and Dysport. Wrinkle removal has never been easier! Safe, fresh, less expensive and more efficient: The SmoothMED way!

Our Botox Treatment Options

Botox virgin? Want to try Botox but afraid? Try our new Botox Light treatment from SmoothMED. Experience the nice wrinkle removal and facial improvements of Botox, without the frozen effects.

BOTOX - $18 per unit
DYSPORT - $6 per unit
- Specials -

Botox 3-areas (60 units) $899  
                with filler (Juvederm or Restylane) only $1550

Juvederm plus 20 units Botox only $1019

Juvederm plus 30 units Botox only $1129

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Botox Treatments from SmoothMed

NYC Botox® Treatments are the cornerstone of our services. Botox® is one of the safest, most effective treatments for dynamic wrinkle removal available. Traditionally, one had to make an appointment, rearrange one's schedule, wait in a doctor's office and often miss important activities when the doctor ran late, all for a 5-minute procedure! At SmoothMED we have the art of Botox treatments streamlined! In 30 minutes or less you are greeted, your short paperwork is completed, you meet the doctor and get your Botox® Treatment. You are free to return to work immediately!


We have raised Botox® facial sculpture to an art's all we do. Our proprietary technology allows you to design your own treatment with the aid of SmoothMED's facial design software. Our experts will formulate your treatment based upon computer modeling. The computer will then store your results for future treatments. Your treatment history can be exported to any SmoothMED facility. You can then tailor your next treatment based upon your previous ones.


Many people would look younger, rested, and relaxed with a little Botox in the right places. But sometimes people are hesitant to try a Botox treatment. We at SmoothMed have come up with a light version of a Botox treatment. How does this work? We have adjusted the concentration and along with our practiced skills of facial sculpting and appropriate placement we can provide the same effect without the frozen look that many people fear.


All of our physicians are Board Certified experts in the art of Botox facial sculpture and all have been trained in the SmoothMED method. They specialize in Botox facial sculpture and have been trained personally by the SmoothMED founders. Our experts will help you design a safe and effective treatment plan that works for you to give you the best wrinkle removal treatment available! Botox on the go!

Botox® is a registered trademark of Allergan, Inc.

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