Gently freeze away fat without surgery.


Quick, effective anti-wrinkle treatment. 


Smooth and relax wrinkles in one visit. 

Laser Rejuvenation

Smooth and even skin tone with no down time. 

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Welcome to SmoothMED

Skin-Enhancive Botox Treatment in New York, NY

Your skin is already naturally beautiful. But you can make sure it retains its appearance as you age with our Botox treatment in New York, NY. The SmoothMED concept is to provide the fastest and most efficient Botox NYC can offer. With us, you’ll obtain expert Botox treatments and/or injectable facial fillers in a safe medical setting in 30 minutes or less. With no appointments needed, wrinkle removal has never been easier! We are the new Gold-standard in the administration of Botox® and Dysport. Safe, fresh, less expensive and more efficient: The SmoothMED way!

Botox Treatments from SmoothMED

Botox® is one of the safest, most effective treatments for dynamic wrinkle removal available, and Botox® treatments are the cornerstone of our services. In 30 minutes or less, we greet you, you complete some minimal paperwork, you meet our Board Certified doctor, and you get your Botox® treatment. You can go back home or to work right away!

Our Botox Treatment Options

Introductory Laser Treatments – Facial rejuvenation with skin tightening, $700/treatment or package of 5 treatments, $2800. IPL photofacial, $350/package of 5 treatments, $1400
Botox virgin? Want to try Botox but afraid? Try our new Botox light treatment from SmoothMED, only $530 (30 units). Experience the fine wrinkle removal and facial improvement effects of Botox without the frozen affects.
BOTOX - $18 per unit
JEUVEAU - $15 per unit

- Specials -

Botox 3-areas (60 units) $899
with filler (Juvederm, Restylane) only $1550

Jeuveau 3-areas (60 units) $849
Juvederm plus 20 units Botox only $1019
Juvederm plus 30 units Botox only $1129

Tighter Skin Now

Our cosmetic services are not limited to Botox and Dysport. We offer a range of skin tightening treatments designed to help you achieve your beauty goals. If you're plagued by the condition commonly known as double chin, let us reverse it with the nonsurgical KYBELLA™ treatment. We inject this formulation into your chin to effectively eliminate fat cells.

High-Tech Revitalization

Wrinkles aren't the only issue that can mar your skin. If you had acne at any time during your life, it might have left scars. You could also be one of those people who have prominent facial veins that you have to cover up with makeup. Discoloration and uneven skin tone may also require the use of excessive amounts of foundation or powder to cover them up. Laser rejuvenation is an effective way to treat all of these skin conditions.
Botox® is a registered trademark of Allergan, Inc.
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