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Injectable cosmetic fillers are a popular alternative to face lifts and other surgeries that aim to give patients tighter, younger-looking skin. SmoothMED uses various injectables to reduce surface wrinkles and give skin a smoother, firmer appearance.

Using injectables such as collagen, Juvederm® or Restylane®, our doctors carefully inject a filler under the surface of the skin, causing fine lines and wrinkles to fill in and firm up the outer layer of skin. BOTOX® Cosmetic injections diminish fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles to reveal smoother skin with less visible lines. The doctors at SmoothMED also use injectables and fillers for lip augmentation. If you would like to learn more about the injectables used at our office and the results you can expect, contact us today.


The active ingredient in Juvederm® dermal filler, hyaluronic acid, is naturally occurring, biodegradable complex sugar found in the human body and in all living organisms. Among other things, hylauronic acid hydrates the skin and adds volume contributing to the overall appearance to the skin. Juvederm® Ultra and Juvederm® UltraPlus can last up to one year.


Vollure is a hyaluronic acid filler that softens moderate to severe parentheses lines and wrinkles by adding volume to the lines and wrinkles around your nose and mouth to produce subtle and long-lasting results forup to 18 months.


Voluma is a smooth, colorless hyaluronic acid gel that uses VYCROSS technology to produce long-lasting results at the treatment site. Juvederm Voluma® is indicated for the cheek and surrounding area of the mid-face to correct volume and fullness. Voluma can last up to 2 years with full correction.


Juvederm Volbella® XC is a soft, smooth gel appropriate for adding subtle volume to the lips and softening the appearance of perioral lines.  


Restylane® is a dermal filler made of non-animal-based hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that already exists in the human body and is used to provide moisture and fullness to the skin. The hyaluronic acid in Restylane® is a crystal clear gel called NASHATM, a Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid, NASHA is biodegradable and completely biocompatable with human hyaluronic acid. Studies have shown that the average Restylane treatment results last between six and nine months, and in some cases, even longer.


The lips and the lines around the mouth, like other areas of the face, show signs of aging as you get older. This often results in lip thinning, lost shape and an increase in vertical lines above the lip. Restylane® Silk is different from other products. It's a unique, silky smooth formulation of hyaluronic acid that will allow our physicians to subtly enhance lips and treat the lines around them. You can expect precise shape and definition, with natural-looking results.


Restylane® Lyft is a safe, highly effective, nonsurgical facial filler that addresses the signs of aging. This hyaluronic acid provides a subtle, natural-looking lift to visibly "sagging" cheeks. In addition, Restylane® Lyft precisely corrects lines, folds, and wrinkles on sides of the nose and mouth.


Radiesse® is used to fill moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds-the creases that extend from the corner of your mouth. Radiesse® will not correct the underlying causes. Once injected, Radiesse® immediately adds fullness to your face giving you a visible result at the first treatment session. Radiesse® contains microspheres made of a natural material called Calcium Hydroxlapatite in a water based gel carrier.


Although treatment effects will differ for each person, in a clinical study, Radiesse® lasted up to 1 year.


We are offer Lip Plumping in three different sizes:

PLUMP: 1/4 syringe = $350

PLUMPER: 1/2 syringe = $500

PLUMPEST: Full Syringe = $900

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