Wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, resurfacing, acne scars


Laser skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, resurfacing, acne scar reduction, remove facial veins, remove discoloration and gain even skin tones, all with no down time./p>

Regardless of your need with the Cynosure Affirm anti-aging workstation we have it all, and yes you can have it all with no down time.  Come in for a treatment and you may have only some mild redness which will usually resolve in less than 24 hours.  Come in and experience a full facial rejuvenation including wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, evening of skin tones all in less than 30 minutes with minimal discomfort. Alternatively, come in and focus on improving a problem area such as crows feet around the eyes, or those annoying line around the mouth ("smokers lines"), or just bring back a more youthful look to the neck, decollete, or the back of your hands.  Most results are seen with in 3-4 treatments but 4-6 treatments are generally required to realize optimum results.

Laser Treatment One
of 5 at
price of 4


Full Face

rejuvenation, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction $700 $2800 $700
acne scars $700 $2800 $700

One Area

crows feet $350 $1400 $350
mouth ("smokers lines") $350 $1400 $350
scars/stretchmarks $350 $1400 $350
neck $600 $2400 $600
decollete $500 $2000 $500
hands $500 $2000 $500
facial veins $350 $1400 $350
sun spots (freckles) $350 $1400 $350
melasma $500 n/a  
Decollete $400 $1600 $400

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