Want thicker lashes?


Have you ever wished your eyelashes - Longer, Thicker, Fuller?

Now your wish can come true. Latisse(TM) is a new prescription product from Allergan that is FDA approved to grow your eyelashes. Come in to Smoothmed for a consult to see if this an appropriate treatment for you to enhance the growth of your eyelashes.

Latisse is a remarkable medication and within weeks most people will achieve amazing looking eyelashes, appearing dramatically more beautiful: Longer, Thicker, Fuller... Within weeks, your own natural eyelashes will look as though they had extensions!

Like liquid eyeliner, Latisse is simply applied once-a-day near the base of the eyelashes. Within 60 days, your own eyelashes will look spectacular! It was just what the doctor ordered.

Consult fee $100 and may be credited to any Botox or Filler treatment at SmoothMed.

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