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Fabulous Place

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

11/07/2007 Posted by mgautschi

I have never ever experienced such a friendly environment, with great service and skill. The staff was honest and the prices were excellent, especially fro New York city.

Pros: service, skill and price

2 out of 2 people found this review helpful

novel idea, well executed

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

10/10/2007 Posted by grabbyg

Did as they say, in and out botox. Very clean, very professional, very attentive personnel. Did not oversell me on too much botox, said I could always come back for more. You are charged by the amount used, so it was much cheaper than when I had it done at my dermatologist office. Botox was administered by a doctor. Planning on going back when needed.

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful

Absolutely the best!

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

11/23/2007 Posted by memhj

This is a brilliant idea and it is executed perfectly. You enter a beautiful elegant salon and are greeted by beautiful woman who are smiling and friendly. I walked in for some Botox I have gone to Plastics and Dermos for Botox all over the place and the Dr. I went to was simply the best. He took a photo, reviewed it with me and then asked what I was hoping to achieve. His injections were fast and painless. The salon offers a lot of other injectables and fillers and you get the best results from Drs. that have experience in injecting. Since that is the business of Smoothmed you couldn't be in better hands. I inquired about several other injectables and the Dr was honest and gave me great recommendations. He definitely knew his stuff. No hard sell (which is nice) but, I am going back for some other fillers before the holidays. One thing you should note, not only do you get wonderfully professional service, but, the prices are incredibly reasonable. I will be back and will certainly recommend it to my friends and family.

Pros: Excellent fast and easy with perfect results

Best service!

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

11/07/2007 Posted by stefaneli

This experience I had at smoothmed was easy, quick, honest and affordable. The office setting was very relaxing and great decor. The skin care products are highly recommended.

Pros: products and service, as well as price and skill

Amazing service

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

11/01/2007 Posted by teenybellini

Recommended by a good friend. The staff was lovely and very helpful, they made me very comfortable and not at nervous. I will definitely be visiting them again.

Pros: fast, good pricing, friendly service

Fantastic service very trustable very easy A GREAT EXPERIENCE SIMPLY LOVELY

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

11/01/2007 Posted by torrick

I have been to other doctors for procedures and since I have discovered Smooth Med I will absolutely never go any where else Jennifer Dean is simply lovely she gives great honest advice. I am terrible with pain but I don't have any from the doctors there. Its overall a great experience very professional and a great environment HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Pros: Absolutely no cons only pros, fantastic price, very friendly, great service, great skill

Great Place!

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

10/18/2007 Posted by lynndaly

This place is such a great idea! I went on my lunch break and paid almost half what I'm used to paying. The place was clean, the staff was knowledgeable and the doctor was nice. I saw results the next day and my botox looks better than I've ever gotten before! I will definitely go back!

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